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Peoples Of Nepal

Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Peoples Of Nepal

Peoples Of Nepal:
Nepal is multi Lingual,multi-culture, and multi-religious people. They are the friendliest people in the world so, visitors keep coming back due to their friendly nature of welcoming guests. Nepal is an incredibly diverse country in the world where over 100 ethnic groups and practice almost all religions in the world. It is fantastic to know about Nepalese people the way they have adapted to the amazing environment because of mountains and inaccessibility to the outer world some Nepalese people's lives have changed very little in the last century. We can still see caravans and mules transporting goods in a remote part of the mountain. Oxes plow the land, the blacksmith makes tools, bullock carts transport grain and straw in the fields and firewood is the major source of cooking in the village where life is like an open-air history museum.

Life of people living near city area is a bit modern with some modernity but tradition and cultures of this people are as same as centuries ago. Much of the festivals were celebrated like they were hundreds of years back. Some locals represent forgetting king who once ruled over their ancestors. Ancient Nepal is deeply influenced by their faith in God so, they repeatedly visit temples and god. Once you were introduced to the Nepalese family you are most likely to be invited to the meal. Even the poorest people in remote Nepal will share their meals with guests. Perhaps, this is the major reason that people from different parts of the Globe visit Nepal time and again. Tourists cannot remain as a tourist for long but as their friends and family. So, they cannot be strangers but a valued guests. The best means to meet Nepalese people is during trekking, in the street, and during tours. Tourists visit Nepal repeatedly which says their attachment with Nepalese is deeply attached.

There are about 26 million Nepalese according to the census of 2068 B.s.Ethnic groups of people speak different languages however most ethnic groups are mainly divided into two groups Indo-Aryans/Indo-Nepalese and Tibeto Mongolians/Tibeto Nepalese. Historically those who entered Nepal during the ancient times from the Indian Subcontinent are Indo Aryans and those who came across the Himalayas from the north are Mongolian. These people make complete Nepal. There are many nomadic tribes in the hills and terai who have now summited to the agrarian system.

Those Nepalese who enter Nepal from the Indian Subcontinent like Indo Aryans are Mainly Brahmins, Chhetris who are mainly educated and religiously Hindus. Those who entered from the Tibetian border are Rai, Limbu, Gurung, Sherpa, and religiously Buddhist. There is religious and ethnic harmony between these two groups so, Nepal is an undivided, unconquered, and secular state from the very beginning.

Those people who live in the mountains are skilled climbers and are acclimatized with mountain and their climate while people living in the plain belt of Terai are less familiar with mountains and their culture. So, tourists visiting Nepal and wish to climb up in the hills preferred Sherpa Guide who is friendly and Honest. Some Nepalese are famous all over the world as Gurkhas. During World war 1 and 2 Nepalese people from the mountains serve with British Army so, every year thousands of Nepalese are selected in Gurkha Military.
Nepal is considered a peaceful country because messenger of peace to the world Gautam Buddha was Born In Nepal. He is also known as the light of Asia and peace messenger.

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